What We Do

Hinksey Sculling School is a community rowing club in Oxford with a focus on junior rowing. Established in 1998, the core ethos of HSS is to provide athletes across Oxfordshire with the opportunity to learn to row and scull, and we offer bursaries to any athlete who needs financial support. HSS has built up a large junior rowing presence over the last two decades, nurturing both recreational and competitive rowing. Supported by our team of nine professional coaches dedicated to supporting junior rowing, athletes take part in land- and water-based training sessions that foster enjoyment in the sport as well as encouraging children to reach their full potential.



Latest Race Report:

South of England Indoor Rowing Championships

On 4th February 2018, 600 athletes from 24 clubs and schools competed at the Hinksey-run South of England Indoor Rowing Championships. 49 of those athletes were Hinksey's own, racing in J12-J18 individual and team events - with the MJ17+ team breaking the SEIRC record for their event. The event was assisted greatly by over thirty Hinksey volunteers, without whom we couldn't have run the event!


Learn to Row with Hinksey


BPJR 2018 will be held on 9th June 2018

Photos from the 2017 regatta can be found here.

Outreach, Activities and Rowing in Schools

Our Oarschools programme aims to bring rowing to students in schools in and around Oxfordshire. For more information please follow this link or click on our Oarschools logo below.

SEIRC 2018 will be held on Sunday 4th February.

Entries will open on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

More information can be found here.