About Us

Hinksey Sculling School provides professionally run training for athletes wishing to learn how to scull and row on the water, at a pace that suits each individual. This can lead to competition or simply relaxed recreation.

HSS operates under the principle that initial training in a single scull optimises athletes' full potential in the sport, and HSS club policy is therefore to provide all athletes with the skill of single sculling. Introductory sculling training takes place at our Beginners' Centre in Hinksey Park, after completion of a Capsize and Immersion Drill in a swimming pool. Advanced training takes place at the Boathouse of St. Edwards School at Godstow (J13-J15) and the Boathouse of Radley College (J16-J18).

Financial assistance is available for any athlete who needs it - follow this link for more information.

Please visit our 'How to Join' page for more information on registering your interest with Hinksey.