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Victor Ludorum

Victor ludorum is Latin for "the winner of the games".  Every year the trophy is presented at SEIRC to the club that has accumulated the most points throughout the competition and therefore is the most successful club of the day. 

Winners of the 'SEIRC' Victor Ludorum

2020 - King's Stanley & Stroud Schools IRC (56)

2019 - St. Matthew's Indoor Rowing Club (39)

2018 - St. Matthew's Indoor Rowing Club (43)

2017 - Bishopsgate High School (46)

2016 - Putney High School (58)

2015 - Putney High School (633)

2014 - Headington School (381 points)

2013 - no event

2012 - Hinksey Sculling School (400 points)

2011 - Putney High School (324 points)

2010 - Headington School

2009 - Headington School

How are the points calculated and how do we increase our chances of winning the Victor Ludorum?

The rules for the Victor Ludorum changed after SEIRC 2015 to simplify the points on offer. They are now as follows:

We give 3 points to the club of the first athlete in each race, 2 points to the club of the second athlete, and 1 point to the club of the third athlete. Ties score the higher number of points for all the tied athletes.

The more athletes that each club enters, the more likely they are to pick up points!