Wallingford Regatta

  • 5 May 2017
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

With the younger crews having raced at Evesham the day before, the senior crews and one WJ15 quad travelled to Dorney Lake on Sunday 30th April in the hopes of completing their first multi-lane race of the season. 

The day began with the boys' senior doubles, with three Hinksey doubles racing in three different heats, and the girls' senior double. Already gusty with a choppy course, unfortunately these proved to be the only side-by-side races of the day! Whilst one of the boys doubles (Joe Elwig and Will Wakefield) progressed through to their final after coming 2nd in their heat, side-by-side races were cancelled for the remainder of the day as the wind picked up and results were determined by heat times, placing Joe and Will 6th in their category - the highest placing of the day for Hinksey. 

The remaining races were all conducted by time trial on a windy, wavy course, providing challenging conditions that all crews coped well with. Full results from the day can be found here.

Wallingford Regatta crews:

J18 2x A: Joe Elwig, Will Wakefield (6th overall)
J18 2x B: Andrew Clark, Rafe Stanford-Meisl (2nd in heat)
J18 2x C: Stanley Cannons, Ewart Rees (6th in heat)
WJ18 2x: Victoria Baird, Clarisse Astruc (6th in heat)
WJ15 4x+: Alegria Repila-Smith, Helene Rittscher, Mae Willoughby, Jojo Blyth, coxed by Dearbhla Reale-Vargas (11th out of 13)
J18 4x: Stanley Cannons, Hugo Binnian, David Angiolini, Rafe Stanford-Meisl (18th out of 22)
WJ16 4x: Emma Foster, Jess Foster, Bonnie Coughlan, Eliza Swanson (8th out of 11)
J18 4+: Joe Elwig, Will Wakefield, Ewart Rees, Andrew Clark, coxed by Megan Glenn (10 out of 18)
WJ18 4x: Clarisse Astruc, Victoria Baird, Alice Vine, Maryse Girgis (13th out of 13)


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