South of England Indoor Rowing Championships

  • 8 February 2018
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

On 4th February 2018, 600 athletes from 24 clubs and schools competed at the Hinksey-run South of England Indoor Rowing Championships. 49 of those athletes were Hinksey's own, racing in J12-J18 individual and team events - with the MJ17+ team breaking the SEIRC record for their event. The event was assisted greatly by over thirty Hinksey parent and athlete volunteers, without whom we couldn't have run the event!

The day started with our younger athletes, with SEIRC being the first experience of a rowing event for many of our J12 and J13 competitors. Elizabeth O'Callaghan placed in second position for her division in the WJ13 age group event - a fantastic achievement! WJ14s were up next, with Bea Myers taking first place for her division in that age group, and soon afterwards Freddie Basil finished in Bronze medal position in the MJ15 event after an exciting finish just 5 metres ahead of the rowers in joint fourth. In the MJ16 event, the first 2 kilometre race of the day, Hinksey dominated the medal podium with Archie Licudi taking Gold and Freddie Trott close behind him in Silver. In the aged 17 and above events Hinksey came away with three medals, with Women's Captain Vic Baird placing in Silver position and Poppy Marshall taking the Bronze in the women's event, and Andrew Clark placing in Bronze position in the men's event. We rounded off the individual races with Mollie Appleton coming second in the Coaches race!

The Hinksey relay teams also proved successful, with Hinksey teams taking Bronze in both the WJ14 (Bea Myers, Bea Ferry, Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile and Alice Channon) and MJ15 (Freddie Basil, Harry Gant and Jacob Taylor) events. Medals were also won in the J16 events, with the WJ16 team taking gold (Maddie Gorrell, Alegria Repila Smith, Harriet Wilson and Mae Willoughby) and the MJ16 team taking Bronze (Archie Licudi, Freddie Trott and Aidan Forbes) despite losing their fourth member, Jed Pearce, to injury a few days earlier. In our final event of the day, the MJ17+ 3km team relay, Rafe Stanford-Meisl, Andrew Clark, Stanley Cannons and William Wakefield came away with a gold medal as well as a record time, beating the previous record (also held by HSS) by almost three minutes!

HSS came fourth overall, out of 24 clubs and schools, in the Victor Ludorum ranking, which was won by St. Matthews Indoor Rowing Club.

Full results can be found here.

Read the write-up in the Oxford Times here

Full List of Competitors

Individual Events:
WJ12 2m: Emily Myers, Iris Winterton, Bea Megaw
WJ13 3m: Alexa Clover, Claudia Bloom, Katie Lackenby, Amy Wallis, Elizabeth O'Callaghan and Lara Zahl
WJ14 4m: Alice Purvor, Bea Myers, Annaliese Bischoff, Bea Ferry, Alice Channon and Eloise Krebs
MJ14 4m: Harry Gant
WJ15 5m: Rebecca Marshall, Annie Wakefield, Anoushka Nairac, Grace Hawksworth-Pratten, Amelia Sutcliffe and Nia Matthews
MJ15 5m: Freddie Basil, Caleb Pell, Jack Hastings, Jacob Taylor, Nicholas Adam and Leo Constantatos-Best
WJ16 2km: Maddie Gorrell, Mae Willoughby, Jojo Blyth, Alegria Repila Smith, Harriet Wilson, Phoebe May and Helene Rittscher
MJ16 2km: Archie Licudi and Freddie Trott
WJ17+ 2km: Victoria Baird, Alice Vine, Emma Foster, Maryse Girgis, Poppy Marshall and Jess Foster
MJ17+ 2km: Rafe Stanford-Meisl, Andrew Clark and Stanley Cannons
WCoach: Mollie Appleton

Team Relays:
WJ13: Amy Wallis, Claudia Bloom, Elizabeth O'Callaghan and Iris Winterton
WJ14 1: Bea Myers, Bea Ferry, Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile and Alice Channon
WJ14 2: Emma Somers, Alice Purvor, Eloise Krebs and Alice Godley
WJ15 1: Rebecca Marshall, Sarah Clark and Annie Wakefield
WJ15 2: Anoushka Nairac, Grace Hawksworth-Pratten and Nia Matthews
MJ15 1: Freddie Basil, Harry Gant and Jacob Taylor
MJ15 2: Leo Constantatos-Best, Jack Hastings and Caleb Pell
WJ16: Maddie Gorrell, Alegria Repila Smith, Harriet Wilson and Mae Willoughby
MJ16: Archie Licudi, Freddie Trott and Aidan Forbes
WJ17+ 1: Vic Baird, Poppy Marshall, Maryse Girgis and Bonnie Coughlan
WJ17+ 2: Alice Vine, Emma Foster, Jess Foster and Rebecca Marshall
MJ17: Rafe Stanford-Meisl, Andrew Clark, Stanley Cannons and William Wakefield

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