Reading Small Boats Head

  • 13 October 2017
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

A month after the start of the season, twenty Hinksey crews competed at Reading Small Boats Head on Saturday 7th October. Racing over 3.7km with some tricky corners along the course, the event provided a good opportunity to get back into head racing. Posting some solid results across all squads, the athletes have a good platform to build on going into the next race of the term, Upper Thames Autumn Head, on 29th October!

Full results can be found here, while a summary of HSS crews and results can be found below. 

WJ14 1x: Bea Ferry
WJ14 2x: Ruth Macgregor and Tasha Cooper
WJ14 2x: Bea Myers and Alice Channon
WJ14 4x+: Alice Purvor, Alice Godley, Ruth Macgregor and Eloise Krebs, coxed by Meara James
WB 1x: Rebecca Marshall
J15 2x: Jacob Taylor and Caleb Pell
WJ15 2x: Daisy O'Keefe and Sarah Clark
J16 1x: Freddie Trott
J16 2x: Archie Licudi and Freddie Trott
WJ16 2x: Helena Rittscher and Alegria Repila Smith
WB 4+: Jojo Blyth, Maddie Gorrell, Harry Wilson and Mae Willoughby, coxed by Poppy Marshall
J17 1x: Rafe Stanford Meisl
J17 1x: Hugo Binnian
J17 2x: Hugo Binnian and Rafe Stanford Meisl
WJ17 4x: Jess Foster, Bonnie Coughlan, Alice Vine and Poppy Marshall
J18 1x: Will Wakefield
J18 1x: Stanley Cannons
J18 1x: Andrew Clark
J18 2-: Andrew Clark and Will Wakefield
B 2x: Will Sheel and Angus Callan-Smith

WJ17 4x: 
2nd out of 4
J15 2x: 12th out of 14
WJ15 2x: 8th out of 9
J16 1x: 16th out of 42
WB 4+: 2nd out of 5
J18 2-: 8th out of 9
J16 2x: 6th out of 10
WJ16 2x: 4th out of 4
J17 1x (Stanford): 11th out of 42
J17 1x (Binnian): 18th out of 42
B1x: 5th out of 6
WJ14 1x: 1st out of 1
WJ14 4x+: 2nd out of 2
J17 2x: 2nd out of 3
B2x: 4th out of 6th
WJ14 2x (Myers): 2nd out of 3
WJ14 2x (Cooper): 3rd out of 3
J18 1x (Wakefield): 18th out of 41
J18 1x (Cannons): 23rd out of 41
J18 1x (Clark): 27th out of 41

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