Oarsport Junior Sculling Head

  • 30 March 2017
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

Following the events of Schools' Head the day before, we set off to Dorney for the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head on Friday 24th March expecting the worst. Though the familiar Dorney crosswind prevailed, the sun made an appearance in the afternoon and the day proceeded without any changes to racing.

Crews raced over two stretches of Dorney lake - one 1800m leg on the way up the lake towards the starting pontoons, and another 1800m back down towards the finish line, totalling 3600m. 

The J17 quad came 4th in a category of fourteen, with the J17 quad B crew coming 11th in the same category. The WJ16 quad placed 15th in a category of thirty-six. The WJ15 coxed quad came 29th in a category of seventy-one, with the WJ14 coxed quad placing 28th in a category of fifty-seven.

J17 4x: Stanley Cannons, Ewart Rees, Will Wakefield, Andrew Clark
J17 4x B: Rafe Stanford Meisl, Freddie Trott, David Angiolini, Will Sheel
WJ16 4x: Amelia Ledgard-Hoile, Clarisse Astruc, Alice Vine, Poppy Marshall
WJ15 4x+: Helene Rittscher, Phoebe May, Mae Willoughby, Jojo Blyth, coxed by Dearbhla Reale Vargas
WJ14 4x+: Grace Hawksworth-Pratten, Nia Matthews, Rebecca Marshall, Tessa Mills, coxed by Hannah Wood.

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