Nottingham City Regatta

  • 18 May 2017
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

Seven Hinksey crews travelled up to the Holme Pierrepont Watersports Centre in Nottingham on Saturday 13th May to compete at Nottingham City Regatta. 

With a gusty headwind prevailing for most of the day (par for the course at Nottingham), all of the crews arrived keen to make up for lost side-by-side racing opportunities at Wallingford two weeks prior. 

The only crew with a heat before their final, the IM3.4+ (Joe Elwig, Will Wakefield, Ewart Rees and Andrew Clark, coxed by Sam Farhan) raced first, winning their heat by a narrow margin. Learning from their first external side-by-side race as a crew this season, they went on to win their final by over three lengths. The J18.2x (Joe Elwig & Will Wakefield) won their final too, pulling ahead in the early stages of the race before coming under pressure in the final 500m from a Nottingham composite crew. HSS clung on to the lead, winning by a canvas. A mention of both of the above crews in the Oxford Times can be found here. The WJ16.2x came second, beating two other crews by a considerable margin. The WJ16.4x engaged in a close battle all the way down the course with Shrewsbury School, coming out on top in the last 500m to place third, whilst the WJ18.4+ also came a comfortable third place behind Bedford Girls School and St. George's College, just under a minute ahead of the crew in fourth place. 

With encouraging results from all crews, the seniors enter into their final week of preparation before National Schools' Regatta on 26th - 28th May at Dorney Lake. 

Nottingham City Regatta Crews:
IM3.4+: Joe Elwig, Will Wakefield, Ewart Rees and Andrew Clark, coxed by Sam Farhan
WJ16.4x: Amelia Ledgard-Hoile, Clarisse Astruc, Jess Foster and Alice Vine
J18.4x-: Rafe Stanford Meisl, Hugo Binnian, David Angiolini and Stanley Cannons
WIM2.2-: Helena Beel and Vic Baird
WJ18.4+: Vic Baird, Helena Beel, Amelia Ledgard-Hoile and Clarisse Astruc, coxed by Poppy Marshall
J18.2x: Joe Elwig and Will Wakefield
J18.2x: Ewart Rees and Stanley Cannons
J16.2x: Emma Foster and Bonnie Coughlan

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