National Schools Regatta 2018

  • 30 May 2018
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

National Schools Regatta was a busy three days at Dorney lake for HSS. The level of competition was very high, with the events for younger athletes regularly having over 60 entries. Crews first raced in a time trial, with the top crews then progressing to the seeded finals for side by side racing. 

Of the fourteen crews who raced we made two B finals, two C finals and two D finals. Our top performing crews were the J16 Girls quad (Jojo, Harry, Mae and Phoebe) and the Championship Boys Pair (Stan and Will) who placed 10th and 11th respectively in the time trial. They then went on the race well in tough semi-finals to ultimately place 4th in their B finals.

The Championship Boys Double (Drew and Rafe) fought a close battle throughout their race in the C final to place 4th, and the Championship Boys Quad (Stan, Will, Drew and Rafe) placed 5th in the C final.

In one of the events with the highest entry the J14 Girls Coxed Quad (Bea, Elizabeth, Alice C, Alice P and Alice G) did well to place 3rd in the D final. Their race was very close with only a foot between first and third!

Poppy did very well in the highly competitive Championship Girls Single to place 2nd in the D final in some of the roughest water conditions of the regatta.

Full National Schools Regatta results can be found here.


J16 Girls Quad: 4th in B final (10th out of 27) - Jojo Blyth, Harry Wilson, Mae Willoughby, Phoebe May.
Champ Boys Pair: 4th in B final (10th out of 33) Stan Cannons and Will Wakefield.
Champ Boys Double: 4th in C final (16th out of 28) Drew Clark and Rafe Stanford-Meisl.
Champ Boys Quad: 5th in C Final (17th out of 27) - Stan Cannons, Will Wakefield, Drew Clark, Rafe Stanford-Meisl.
Champ Girls Single: 2nd in D final (26th out of 39) - Poppy Marshall.
J14 Girls Coxed Quad: 3rd in D Final (21st out of 52) - Bea Myers, Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile, Alice Channon, Alice Purvor, coxed by Alice Godley.
School Boys Coxed Four: 20th out of 26: Hugo Binnian, Fred Trott, Archie Licudi, David Angiolini, coxed by Jed Pearce.
Champ Boys Double: 25th out of 28: Hugo Binnian and Fred Trott.
Champ Girls Quad: 29th in time trial: Jess Foster, Poppy Marshall, Bonnie Coughlan and Alice Vine.
Champ Girls Double: 30th out of 37: Alice Vine and Jess Foster.
J14 Girls Coxed Quad: 32nd out of 52: Bea Ferry, Eloise Krebs, Emma Somers and Annaliese Bischoff, coxed by Harry Gant.
J15 Boys Coxed Quad: 35th out of 61: Harry Gant, Jacob Taylor, Leo Constantatos-Best, Nick Adam, coxed by Jack Hastings.
Champ Girls Double: 37th out of 37: Emma Foster and Maryse Girgis.
J15 Girls Coxed Quad: 38th out of 66: Becca Marshall, Hannah Wood, Grace Hawksworth-Pratten, Annie Wakefield, coxed by Daisy O’Keefe.

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