Head of the River; Fours

  • 14 November 2017
  • Megan Glenn

In early November five crews from the J16+ squads competed at the Head of the River: Fours race in London. Racing over the 6.8km course from Chiswick Bridge to Putney embankment required some expert steering and a chance to get on the famous tideway. All who raced posted good results this early in the year.


Full results can be found here, while a summary of HSS crews and results can be found below.

Junior Quad (Stanley Cannons, William Wakefield, Andrew Clark and Rafe Standford-Meisl) 9th out of 54 crews.

Junior Quad (William Sheel, Archie Licudi, Fred Trott and Hugo Binnian) 44th out of 54 crews.

Women’s Junior Quad (Poppy Marshall, Bonnie Coughlan, Alegria Repila-Smith and Alice Vine) 13th out of 40 crews.

Women’s Junior Quad (Phoebe May, Maryse Girgis, Helena Rittscher and Jess Foster) 32nd out of 40 crews.

Women’s Junior Coxed Four (Harry Wilson, Mae Willoughby, May Carter and Jojo Blyth, coxed by Holly Blyth) 13th out of 23 crews.

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