Egham Regatta

  • 30 June 2017
  • Alice Carrington-Windo

Egham Regatta was a great opportunity for lots of the athletes to race in small boats, along a short (800m) but tricky course that proved difficult to steer!

With eighteen Hinksey crews entered it was a packed day, with good racing and valuable lessons learned in all crews. Particular congratulations to Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile and Meara James (pictured above), who won the WJ13 2x event! Having won their 1st round, quarter-finals and semi-finals they faced Henley Rowing Club in the Final, which proved to be an exciting race to the line. The Hinksey 2x kept calm and composed as their opponents ventured further and further out of their station and into Hinksey's during the last bend of the race, with both crews locking blades across the finish line. After a brief moment of uncertainty the Umpire handed a deserved win to Elizabeth and Meara. Congratulations also to Poppy Marshall who made the final of the WJ16 1x and Alice Caldwell (WJ16 2x) who had her first race at Egham!

J13 1x (Gascoyne): knocked out 1st round against eventual winner.
WJ15 2x (Wilson): won 1st round and QF, knocked out in SF.
WJ15 2x (Blyth): won 1st round and QF, knocked out in SF.
WJ16 1x (Marshall): won 1st round, QF,  and SF, knocked out in Final.
WJ16 1x (Vine): won 1st round, knocked out in QF against eventual winner.
WJ14 4x+ (Hawksworth-Pratten): won QF, knocked out in SF round against eventual winner.
WJ16 1x (Willoughby): won QF, knocked out in SF.

J14 2x (Adam): won 1st round, knocked out in QF against eventual winner.
J18 1x (Cannons): knocked out in 1st round.
WJ13 4x+ (Lyden): knocked out in 1st round.
WJ13 4x+ (Myers): knocked out in 1st round.

J14 1x (Taylor): knocked out in 1st round.
J13 2x (Ledgard-Hoile): won 1st round, QF, SF, and Final.
WJ15 1x (May): won 1st round, knocked out in QF.
WJ15 1x (Willoughby): won 1st round and QF, knocked out in SF against eventual winner.
WJ16 2x (Vine): won QF, knocked out in SF.
WJ16 2x (Girgis): knocked out in QF.
WJ16 2x (Foster): knocked out in SF against eventual winner.

Full results can be found here.

J13 1x: Harry Gascoyne
WJ15 2x (Wilson): Harriet Wilson and Alegria Repila Smith
WJ15 2x (Blyth): Jojo Blyth and Maddie Gorrell
WJ16 1x (Marshall): Poppy Marshall
WJ16 1x (Vine): Alice Vine
WJ16 1x (Willoughby): Mae Willoughby
WJ14 4x+ (Hawksworth-Pratten): Grace Hawksworth-Pratten, Tessa Mills, Becca Marshall and Nia Matthews, coxed by Hannah Wood
J14 2x: Nick Adam and Jacob Taylor
J18 1x: Stanley Cannons
WJ13 4x+ (Lyden): Maryam Lyden, Ambre Astruc, Bea Ferry and Tasha Cooper, coxed by Alice Vine
WJ13 4x+ (Myers): Bea Myers, Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile, Alice Purvor and Meara Jamescoxed by Phoebe May
J14 1x: Jacob Taylor
WJ13 2x: Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile and Meara James
WJ15 1x (May): Phoebe May
WJ15 1x (Willoughby): Mae Willoughby
WJ16 2x (Vine): Alice Vine and Alice Caldwell
WJ16 2x (Girgis): Bonnie Coughlan and Maryse Girgis
WJ16 2x (Foster): Emma Foster and Jess Foster

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