Board of Trustees

When Tom Collins and I began what we thought would be a small community group in 1998 we had no more thoughts other than keeping to the recommendations by the then Amateur Rowing Association – now British Rowing.  Things developed rather quickly with Nigel Bridle helping us with the accounts and latterly Judith Blake after Nigel. By 2004 it was clear that what we were doing in the “Community” warranted Charitable status as, apart from anything else, that would enable a far wider stratum of support to be approached for finance.  I asked Andrew Ashton my solicitor and co member of Wallingford RC to investigate for me and to my surprise, and I think his also, we received charitable status in double quick time.  Andrew, as he says, has been secretary ever since!  Tom Collins, Chris Adams and I “ran the ship” until 2012 when Chris had to leave us.   While visiting our daughter in New Zealand I sent 4 packages back to the UK hoping to encourage at least one current parent to pick up a baton. 

The result was that all four came onboard:-

Tristam Carrington – Windo, Giles Marshall, Amanda Myatt and Freda Wolfenden

Founding Trustee Tom Collins had to retire due to ill health in February 2018

Freda retired in January 2018 and we were fortunate to have the services of both David Matthews from November 2016 until November 2017 and Kate Licudi from November 2016 until 14th November 2018 when she and Mandy retired.

In February 2019 Alice Carrington-Windo, our retiring Director of Rowing, joined the board of trustees.

In November 2019 Eloise Godden, our Captain of Boats in 2013, joined the board of Trustees

Being a Trustee of a Charity is an enormous responsibility, HSS always seems to be at a cross roads but with the 6 dedicated Trustees you have on board I am confident that eventually we will be able to say, in Seb Coe’s words, “we did it right”. However, we are always ready for a guiding hand so please contact us whenever you feel it necessary.”

John Broadhurst, Co-Founder.


John Broadhurst - Chair

"I was introduced to “Rowing” late in my days at St Edward’s School. I clearly remember my Deputy Housemaster saying that I was the right “geometry” for an oarsman and, as it turned out, I found that I could  also “lift heavy things”. A “Sliding Doors” moment indeed!! I joined Wallingford Rowing Club and between 1962 and 1965 had a fantastic time.  Subsequently I became an Umpire for a year or two, when marriage to Peta and children in the form of Helen, Wendy and Jessica interrupted progress somewhat. Our youngest, Jessica, became the 1st captain of Boats at HSOBC in her Lower V1th Year, when Hilary Davis, Tom Collins and I began coaching an embryonic squad there, which included Tom's daughter Kate, in 1990. While we were developing HSOBC’s activities many passersby said “can I have a go?”  Having to say “no” so often, by 1998, Tom and I figured there might be a need in the community at large.  The rest, so to speak, is History."


Andrew Ashton - Secretary


Andrew is Company Secretary and has held that role since the beginning. He is a solicitor who qualified in 1974, and has worked in Oxford ever since. He has been a  member of Wallingford Rowing Club since 1968, but has accepted the limitations imposed by the aging process. He is married to Pat, a retired G.P., with a son aged 32, a sports journalist with the Reading Chronicle, and a daughter aged 30, who works in sales support for a drink and drug testing company. His leisure activities include taming the garden and watching sport, especially cricket.


Giles  Marshall

"We have lived as a family in Oxford since 2004. I rowed as a student in an eight and was delighted when my daughters (now 1 x Senior and 1 x WJ14) began a growing interest in this exhilarating sport when they joined Hinksey at the lake. The usual early capsizing didn't deter them (or their parents!) and they both row and cox for Hinksey's various competitive crews. They love the camaraderie, the challenge, the travel and discovery - all while getting out of the house and keeping fit. I am a teacher in an Oxford secondary school and believe passionately that these aspects of life are worth nurturing in our young people. Rowing and sculling with Hinksey does just that, so to support this is the reason why I became a Trustee."

Tristam Carrington-Windo

Tristam studied science at university before finding a German soul mate and deciding that languages were more his style. He has created a career as an independent translator working for German companies and has no intention of retiring. His only claim to rowing fame is being a proud rowing dad of daughter Alice who after rowing at Hinksey and captaining UCL women has rowed for two years in succession in the Oxford Blue Boat and Agnes who is currently a J16. Having run two family trusts and sworn never to take on the role of trustee again, he was persuaded by John to help Hinksey as a current parent. He has never regretted this decision and looks forward to seeing Hinksey achieve new heights.

Alice Carrington-Windo


Eloise Godden

My first taste of rowing was at 12 when I participated in the 2-minute rowing challenge run by Hinksey at my school. After doing well in this competition, I continued with rowing, firstly indoor rowing and then with Hinksey who taught me how to scull, sweep and capsize! I rowed with Hinksey for 6 years, competed is numerous local and national competitions and was Captain of Boats in 2013. While at university, I continued rowing and was Women's Captain leading our crews to win a spate of medals around the North East. In 2016, I returned to Oxford and to Hinksey, coaching the beginners at the lake and competitive crews on the river. Rowing has shaped my life, especially during my junior years with Hinksey and it is a privilege to be asked to be on the Board of Trustees.