200 Club

The 200 Club combines fundraising for the ‘Friends of Hinksey Sculling School’ with the chance of winning cash prizes.

50% of all the money raised is returned to the participating members via the monthly prize draw. The other 50% is made available to the Friends of Hinksey Sculling School.  Full details about the Friends can be found on the Hinksey website.

From the money available for the Prize Draw, the breakdown will be as follows:
1st Prize 50%    2nd Prize 30%   3rd Prize 20%

The more people involved the greater the pool of prize money. Membership of the 200 Club is by Standing Order only and is open to Hinksey Sculling School members and their family and friends.

The small sum of £5 per month is all that is needed to enter into the draw.

For more details please contact Helen Cannons.

Latest Wins

Below are the latest winners of the monthly 200 Club draw.  50% of the income from the 200 club is given away in prizes with the below breakdown.

  1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
September 2016 001 007 024
October 2016 004 024 014
November 2016 004 011 001
December 2016 021 001 023
January 2017 011 016 004
February 2017 001 021 007
March 2017 025 013 012

How to Join

In order to join the Friends of Hinksey 200 Club you can do one of the following:

1. Download and complete the Standing Order form and return by post to Alice Carrington-Windo, 14 Monmouth Road, Oxford, OX1 4TD.

2. Set up the Standing Order yourself and email Helen Cannons to confirm this has been done.

When your membership to the 200 Club has been confirmed you will receive your 200 Club number and will become an honorary member of Hinksey Sculling School.


1. Any Hinksey Sculling School member or their close family/friends, over the age of 16, is eligible to join the 200 Club.

2. To participate in the monthly draw members must complete a standing order mandate which can be downloaded from the club website.
3. Payments must be made by standing order on the first day of the month and entry to the draw will only be made if the bank account statement shows that payment has been made.

4. A draw will be made on the last Thursday of each month. If for any reason the draw has to be cancelled then it will be held as soon as possible thereafter.  The winners will be listed on the Friends website.

5. Any participant who wants to cancel their participation in the draw can do so by instructing their bank to cancel the standing order. Please note that this instruction can only be cancelled by the participating member and not by the Club.

6. No refunds will be made after the draw has taken place.

7. Winners of the draw will receive a cheque to the value of that indicated on the prize schedule in operation at that time.

8. Cheques will be made out in the name of the member and sent by post to the address the member has registered with the Club.

9. The remaining funds after the prize money has been deducted will be used to the benefit of the Friends of Hinksey as decided upon from time to time by the committee.

10. Notices about any changes to the scheme will be made via the website and by email